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For comparison, the Colorado Rapids, the MLS side that resides near the Mile-High City of Denver, plays at an altitude of 5,201 feet, not even half the altitude of this stadium.The North Base Camp of Mount Everest, in Tibet, is at an elevation of 16,900 feet.

found that, in the English Premiership, a home team can be expected to score 37.29% more goals than the away team.

So, which side benefits from having the toughest home stadium in all of world soccer?

Barcelona’s 99,354 capacity Camp Nou is certainly worthy of a shout.

It’s hulking, generally filled to capacity and a symbol of Catalan pride.

However, Barcelona’s dominance at the Camp Nou is over-reliant upon the brilliance of its team.

Old Trafford in Manchester, England, is another historic venue that springs to mind, but the “Theatre of Dreams” has its fair share of critics with regards to atmosphere.

There’s one stadium in world football that boasts a raucous home support (41,143 capacity), familiarity and history (the stadium opened in 1931) and the undeniable home field advantage of playing matches at an altitude of 11,932 feet above sea level.

Going on the road to try and capture three points, or even to salvage a draw, is never an easy assignment in soccer.

The difficulty in playing aggressively against the home side is encapsulated in the away goals rule, a method of rewarding the away team for any attacking achievement in the match.

Whether it’s the benefit of home support, the psychological boost of familiar surroundings or the disadvantages away teams suffer from traveling to different time zones or climates, your home ground provides you with a significant advantage over the visitors.

In soccer, these advantages are particularly pronounced.

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