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It has two attacks: it can scratch you, and breathe poison breath on you, which can poison, so bring antidotes or All Cures if you can't kill these quickly. He was well known for being an excellent painter, being a descendant of a long line of talented artists. Then, one day, he learned about a magical canvas that brought art to life.

Since they are filled with darkness, holy attacks will do well against them. If you're in the map, Thanatos automatically attacks. Beware, it can inflict almost any status ailment including poison. The right side guardian to Papulatus' layer at the base of the Clock Tower, in a map which requires 28 Star Force to deal full damage. It has the appearance of a yeti because of that cross but a heart of a human.

It was neglected from society and fled to the El Nath mountains, which were created just for it.

Usually hidden from everyone, it's been attacking people because the statue of its mother has been destroyed by someone and will attack when it sees someone.

Beware, it has an icy mist attack that deals 500 damage every few seconds, which can be deadly to lower levels or melee characters.

Another problem is that Snowman has the ability to stun you so you may end up getting stunned within the mist.

It also has a projectile, long-ranged snowball attack which is shot from the yeti's mouth. Yetis are called to help, which is indicated by the Hector throwing a snowball onto the ground. A stronger Werewolf, able to summon its lower brethren, and sporting a resistance to ice-based attacks at the expense of a fire-based weakness.However, as a Werewolf has high weapon defense, a Lycanthrope has high magic defense.A powerful Fire Arch Mage can handle one without much trouble.Make sure to avoid its claw attack though; use the same methods to avoid it as you would on a Werewolf!Located deep in El Nath, just before the Zombie maps. Its appearance is based on that of a Demon from the Thailand National epic, the Ramakien.A zombie with a mohawk, found in the Forest of Dead Trees area of El Nath. Victor was one of the 3 Heliseum Guardians, along with Treglow and Edea.


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