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Each column is assigned a data type, plus several optional properties including an ID, label, and pattern string.In addition, you can assign custom properties (name/value pairs) to any cell, row, column, or the entire table.

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You do not need to dist-upgrade via an alpha/beta release if there are later ones available. I have had updates destroy my before and ended up having to reinstall.

As psusi mentioned you will stay up to date via synaptics. Wasn't a huge deal, but hours of custimization work was undone.

class and method definitions to enable autocompletion in your IDE (code editor). Most IDEs will index it automatically and provide autocompletion.

Note that this file might not always be up to date, so be sure to test your code. (optionally filtered to show specific values, rows, or columns), create a Data View.

I installed an Ubuntu alpha or beta and have been keeping it up to date.

So, Should I presume that my system has automatically updated to the next alpha or beta, and will be running the official release when it's finished?The beta uses the repositories as they are updated -- it is not a fixed snapshot of Ubuntu as it was when the beta was released. to change to the next higher set of repos, in this case to the 11.04 ones.If there are no more updates to be installed, then congratulations! You will also go straight (or nearly so) to the current update of 11.04.See also: Query Data Table Syntax on a populated table, or a Java Script object containing data used to initialize the table.The structure of the Java Script literal object is described here.If this parameter is not supplied, a new, empty data table will be returned. All data in each column must have the same data type.


  1. The name and address you are registered under must match the voter ID card or document you plan to use at the polls. Allow enough time to update your registration and obtain a new voter ID if necessary.

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  3. skin Without Volume Btn = '/images/common/jw_skin/vid Skin_reg38770b.xml'; //full path will cause cross domain issue.

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