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However, you can still use this evidence to show you are a couple in a defacto relationship.A defacto relationship is where 2 people who are not married or in a registered relationship, live together as a couple.

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Members of a couple are determined to be separated if they are living separately and apart on a permanent or indefinite basis.

If you are considered a member of a couple but you are separated and do not live together, it must be established that: Generally, a physical separation as well as an emotional separation is required.

Under the provisions of living separately and apart, you will be considered to be single and paid a single rate of income support payment.

Some of these factors may not be in your relationship.

A decision can still be made that you are a member of a couple even if all of these are not present in your relationship.

If we decide you are a member of a couple but you believe this will result in unfair hardship, you can ask us to consider if you can be assessed as a single under Section 24 of the despite being a member of a couple. A registered relationship is one that is registered under Australian state or territory laws, including civil partnership schemes.These are currently recognised in: Relationships registered in other countries are not recognised, as they are not approved under Australian state or territory law.Most of our payments take into account the income and assets of both members of a couple.Some payments have different rates, depending on whether you are single or have a partner.Other payments are only available to customers who don't have a partner.You are a member of a couple if you are living together, or usually live together, and are: We understand not all couples are the same.


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