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That's why some Babble members appear bright .. Can only upload sample pictures for some reason , but will keep trying to upload proper ones... Xx Was on here before with good friends but somehow it Vanished.

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I love roleplaying, and I will roleplay just about anything as long as it is well written and interesting. I mostly enjoy scenes with fantasy, such as vampi...

I've been told that I have a very imaginative mind.

Prefer fully constructed sentences and some decency. Not really into rape though, i find that most rape Rps are one sided when the girl doesnt...

Into Ageplay, impregnation and incest, rough sex, giving creampies etc.

Loves to talk and will often engage in long conversations with complete strangers.

Very interested in other cultures, international politics, and literature. Sensitive and very concerned with the feelings of peop...

My likings, but not limited to: - Ageplaying & age difference - Nonconsensual - Rough sex ...

***THIEF***BEWARE***PATHETIC***PICTURE THIEF*** Just an fyi, BWC_Slut_Tamer has stolen my pic and blown it up a little to look more like his other (probably stolen) pics and is now us... I have seen that there are few on here that put much stock in profiles.

Anyway im looking for Rp, I'm married so no pic.

Hello, and welcome to Elliquiy's role playing forums.

As you might surmise, a good portion of the forums are currently hidden from your view.

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