Basshunter dating aylar lie

Within two months of living in the USA, Aylar was plunged into a world dominated by drugs, pornography and abuse.

After nearly overdosing on drugs, she finally understood that the time had come to change her life if she wanted to stay alive.

She returned to Norway seeking medical care and the safety of her foster parents.

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Her father had nearly lost contact with her, with him living abroad in Iran.

What started out as a short vacation in Iran to regain lost family ties turned out to be a nightmare: she was kept in Iran against her will for nearly two years.

After finally managing to escape Iran and return to Norway, a time of desperation began.

She wanted to trace her roots and regain her lost contact with her biological mother in the US but this decision was to change Aylar's life for good.

Aylar was born in Tehran, Iran, in 1984 and came to Norway at the age of three.

Due to a turbulent domestic situation she was taken away from her parents and grew up in foster care.

Although she moved from Iran at an early age, she has always felt strong ties to her Persian roots and great love for her foster parents as well as her biological parents.

At the age of 16 she was invited to Iran on holiday by her biological father.

With her growing success in the competition, unfortunately rumors started to spread about her past.

Just as she had made it among the top 10 finalists, the media got hold of proof of her participation in adult entertainment, which led to her being disqualified (this was the first time the Miss Norway pageant had experienced such an event) and Aylar and her life story got enormous media coverage.

Her disqualification and past being exposed in the media was an enormous personal setback.


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