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If you really want to find a genuine and legitimate Russian dating site, you will need to spend several hours doing some research along with checking in Google for any bad feedback.Here are a few good tips to help you in your search for a Russian dating site.Always try to search for a Russian brides site that is Western owned and managed, where you can be sure you will receive good customer service (should any problems arise).

Over the last two decades, interest in single Russian women has grown significantly with many Russian dating sites appearing on the net catering to Western men that are looking for love and romance with Russian women.

If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of single Western men searching a Russian bride for marriage, then your first point of call would most likely be a Russian dating site.

Finding a Russian dating site is no big task, just Google “Russian dating sites” and a huge selection will appear in front of you.

The hardest task is to find a genuine and legitimate Russian dating site that will allow you to have a good online dating experience.

It is always best to stay away from Russian dating sites that have pages upon pages of young Russian singles all looking under 25 years old and all looking like they have all walked off the catwalk. The same applies for pages of young beautiful Russian singles who are all conveniently “Online” waiting to chat with you.

They will also be fakes, who are paid to make you stay online chatting to them at a huge cost to yourself.

The best option to find the best Russian dating sites is to search for sites that have a good broad mix of women from all ages and looks.

Genuine legitimate Russian dating sites are just like any other sites in mainstream dating, and you will find beautiful and not so beautiful Russian women in search results.

Don’t make the age old mistake of signing up to a Russian dating site that is full of Russian barbie dolls or you will become one of the many thousands of Western men that fall victim to Russian scammers each year.


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