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it is not always safe to approach guys or flirt with guys when you do not know if htey are gay or not. once you develop a freindship with them and you think they are cool, you can tell them about yourself. look/stare: is another guy is looking at you with a lingering stare that does not seem mean, there's a great chance that he is checking you out or think he knows you.

guys that dont know you will usually either cut the conversation off quick and not linger around waiting for more conversation.

if he lingers and keeps it going its a good chance he likes you or at least may want to be your friend. most guys will not add you if they do not know you or have met you or have mutual friends.

also, guys usually insert something about girls or sports into a conversation especially if they do not know you and if they are straight. but if you get a blind fbook friend request from anotehr guy, look at the pictures and see if you can get a vibe.

keep in mind, im not talking about a networking function or event or when things are related to networking. you can typically tell when someone wants to keep things on a business level. typically straight men adn friends will text each other for a going to the game, what time does the party start tonight, do you want to come to this event?

however, when it is an open ended "hey we should get drinks, you shoudl come to my party, wanna grab coffee, wanna hang out.." then there's a 50/50 chance he may be into you. ....however, text messages that are just to have back and forth text conversations that have no purpose can be a sign that the person is intersted in getting to know you.

most men do not approach other men out of the blue with a conversation ending in asking for their number and hanging out. keep in mind, this is perfectly normal for straight friends that havne't caught up in a long time, but if you just met someone and they are texting you without a purpose but it's just to "text" that's someone a sign., 4.

there's nothign wrong with that but it is not common. if you initiate a conversation with a stranger and they do not cut it off and you get a vibe from them they are gay.....

you will not get a smile stare or a mean stare, just this stare.

after you have seen it enough, you know what it is. it gives them the chance to still be "straight" if you do not respond with a smile or acknowledgement. you catch them looking at you and then they act like they did not do it. random chit chat from a stranger that lingers: most of the the time, this is merely straight chit chat.

however, there are times when it is a way someone is trying to get to know you.

for instance if a guy you do not know starts up talking to you out of the blue for no reason, then he's definitely friendly. if he somehow asks for your number or tries and create an opportunity for you to hang out again, then there's a very good chance he may be interested in you.


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