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As Google writes in its autocomplete FAQ, “we exclude a narrow class of search queries related to pornography, violence, hate speech, and copyright infringement.” Bing, on the other hand, makes sure to “filter spam” as well as to “detect adult or offensive content,” according to a recent post on the Bing blog.Such human choices set the stage for broadly specifying what types of things get censored, despite Google’s claims that autocompletions are, for the most part, “algorithmically determined …without any human intervention.” What exactly are the boundaries and editorial criteria of that censorship, and how do they differ among search engines?

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So what happens when unsavory things, perhaps naughty or even illegal, creep into those suggestions?

As a society we probably don’t want to make it easier for pedophiles to find pictures of naked children or to goad the violently predisposed with new ideas for abuse.

Such suggestions get blocked and filtered—censored—for their potential to influence us.

We zoomed in again and again and couldn't believe it'It is only now that the airfield has been sold to a London-based property firm, by landlord BAE Systems in a multi-million-pound deal, that houses look set to be built over the runway - and over the remains of the old Charlton village.

Autocomplete is one of those modern marvels of real-time search technology that almost feels like it’s reading your mind.

Thanks to analyzing and mining what millions of other users have already searched for and clicked on, Google knows that when you start typing a query with a “d,” you’re most likely looking for a dictionary.

Besides the efficiency gains of not having to type as much, suggestions can be serendipitous and educational, spurring alternative query ideas.

‘I love history and old buildings, and learning more about how Bristol used to be.

After reading the book about Charlton, I decided to see if anything was left of the village, or could be seen on Google Earth.‘I was looking around the Brentry and Pen Park area as it's near where I work, and went on to look at Filton Airfield.

I went to the end of the runway and saw the remains of what looked like two old farmhouses.'Suddenly in the right hand corner I noticed the dark figure of a man with a cap on above the site of an old building.

It looked quite spooky so I called my husband over.


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