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Faust is a Colombian hedonist and sybarite with an American education.

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The first thing you will need to understand is that, unlike the United States, Colombia is not a racist country, but a classist one.

Social stratification is embedded in this society thanks to years of the upper class controlling everything from politics and business to government.

Therefore, upon your arrival to Bogota, it will be immediately evident to you that there are two Bogotas, one for the rich and one for the poor.

You should also know that there is a direct correlation between social class and beauty, for reasons that I still don’t know.

Another incentive of going for Tier III girls in Colombia is that they have more free time for themselves, since most of them don’t have to work and study. Tier III also means enough resources so that she can actually afford a gym.

This can also be bad news, since better make-up and clothing combined with the bad lighting of bars can make a 6 look like and 8. Lets move on to my favorite type of Colombian girls, Tier IV.

These girls have reached this social tier by way of economic status or sheer beauty and thanks to their family money, they have been able to afford an international education.

To be more clear I will divide Bogota’s girls into 5 tiers…

This tier denotes girls from very low class and low education. These girls wont be seen unless you venture into the depths of the slums, in which case you also won’t ever be seen again. They party a lot, study a lot more, and are mostly DTF. For some reason she may think that her very limited traveling experience makes her better than the untraveled Tier III, so she may try to display some sort of cockiness.

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