Consolidating balance sheet minority interest

This changes the formula for calculating enterprise value for Company Red.

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Minority interests are usually the result of joint ventures or acquisitions where the selling party maintains some interest or control in the business. It cannot take credit for the percentage of those items that remain with the minority interest, though.

accounting rules, when a company acquires more than 50% of another firm, the buying party needs to account for all profits, assets and liabilities in its financial statements.To illustrate, suppose that Company Red acquires Company Blue, but Company Blue retains 15% of the shares.Company Red can't claim the assets of Company Blue as its own, but it still has to reflect the impact of minority interests on its income statement.The enterprise value is a hypothetical money value assigned to a firm, designed to take into consideration all claims on assets from all possible claimants.It is often considered a more detailed and realistic version of market capitalization when pricing a possible acquisition, but it has its detractors as well.In a simple, standard enterprise value calculation, the company's market capitalization is combined with the outstanding debt remaining on company books.

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