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Delta fell under the jurisdiction of the Georgian Ministry of Defense until March 2014, when the government passed the control over the enterprise to the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia.However the centre was The history of Delta takes its rise from the 1990s.At that time anti-tank grenade launchers RPG-7, “Kodor” type fragmentation projectiles for RPG-7 grenade launchers, 82 mm and 120 mm mortars and other armament of Georgian production were produced and passed to the armed forces.

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Combining putexcel with a Stata command’s stored results allows you to create the table displayed in your Stata Results window in an Excel file.

The State Military Scientific-Technical Center “Delta” is a Georgian government-owned, autonomous R&D and production center for military and civilian hardware.

Headquartered in Tbilisi, Delta was formed on the basis of six scientific research centers and production facilities, histories of which go back to the early 1940s under the former Georgian SSR.

Employing several thousand people, Delta is focused on research and development of new military projects, as well as the modernization and production of already established Soviet military hardware.

In a previous blog entry, I talked about the new Stata 13 command putexcel and how we could use putexcel with a Stata command’s stored results to create tables in an Excel file.

After the entry was posted, a few users pointed out two features they wanted added to putexcel: In Stata 13.1, we added the new option keepcellformat to putexcel.This option retains a cell’s format after writing numeric data to it.keepcellformat is useful for people who want to automate the updating of a report or paper. There is a new command in Stata 13, putexcel, that allows you to easily export matrices, expressions, and stored results to an Excel file.In 2000-2002, Delta produced low quantities of light assault vehicles DELGA-1 and DELGA-2 that were passed to special operations forces for testing.Aiming for the establishment of Georgian military-industrial complex, on July 1, 2010 Tbilisi Aircraft Manufacturing was incorporated to Delta with its movable and immovable assets and intellectual resources.On May 26, 2011, during the military parade confined to the Independence Day of Georgia STC Delta showed its first armored vehicles Didgori 1 and Didgori-2 to the public.

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