Damon salvatore and elena dating in real life

ended with Elena Gilbert revealing her love for Damon Salvatore, with Stefan overhearing the confession with tears in his eyes.

When the crew and cast shot this scene, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder were still dating. How is this going to affect Elena and Damon’s relationship on the show going forward?

Well, the showrunners ultimately make that decision, but we’ve speculated about the various scenarios that they could use.

-- his answer will either make you laugh or explode with rage!

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Last April, fans were devastated when Dobrev dropped the news that she would be leaving the hit CW series, and when we said goodbye to Elena in that shocking season six finale, we sobbed a river of tears.

However, this works best if Nina and Ian are still ‘best friends’, which may not necessarily be the case.

And even if they’ve remained friends after their breakup, there’s no way that it won’t be awkward for them to film love scenes together.

Then, there’s the more likely possibility that they’ll stay together for a while, and then the writers will find a quick and easy way to break them up. It’s not going to be hard to come up with a reason to break up Elena and Damon, especially with Paul Wesley’s Stefan still clearly having feelings for Elena.

Death is unlikely since Elena and Damon are two of the three central characters on the show. That love triangle has always been central to the story, and fans of the show are pretty much split between the Damon/Elena camp and the Stefan/Elena camp. Will the writers let the real-life romantic troubles of Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder affect their storylines?

However, they could pretend Elena went crazy when she told Damon she loved him. Or will they soldier on through with whatever they had in mind before?

To celebrate the return of our favorite vamps, ET caught up with star Ian Somerhalder to get the exclusive scoop into Damon's mindset now that his soulmate is locked in a perpetual slumber -- totally normal problem, right?

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