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I was the one who called myself a troll one day, I could have made anyone believe any sobriquet I gave myself -- I could have said I was a singer and people would have called me a singer. The feedback I get builds the conversation, and the discourse informs my creative awareness in different ways.Would you also consider yourself to be a fashion designer?

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Exploring the union between the mind and the body through the use of materials as disparate as blood oranges to used cigarette butts, we were instantly enamored with his eccentric, polarizing approach to depictions of the body on such a public platform.

As such, we spoke to Boumjimar himself about everything from Internet narcissism to Instagram censorship, and, of course, how hater drama makes everything a little more interesting. Do you think the "troll" label some have dubbed you with is accurate?

I started using Instagram as a diary, I've had so many accounts.

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For the month of May, PAPERMAG is celebrating the wide, wonderful, strange world of social media.

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Some of them had different approaches and a specific target audience.

Not too long ago I had @Offgloss which was an account based around my art, and now I'm using @beigetype which is more focused on my identity and how I want to be perceived.

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