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You may even find dual taps in homes that have the normal (intermixed water) taps. Some parts of the Dublin mass transit system are very good. The Dart, while old and rickety seems fairly well organized, except that their station maps are a nightmare of incomprehensibility (in the Mercator versus Peters Projection sense).

This can only mean that someone made the decision to use the merged waterline taps for one application, and then consciously made the decision to install dual taps in another place to lie in wait for some poor unobservant soul to come along, blithely turn on one of the taps, and alternately freeze or scald themselves. The worst part of this is that you’ll also find some modern houses with high style, top of the line dual taps. ” The response was “Yeah, sometimes we use a little spice, but mainly it’s just pork and oats.” It might be a bit bland, but it’s our way. (See #1 below) Number Two: Atrocious Bus Service Another thing I looked forward to when moving to Dublin was access to good public transportation. Yet map issues are just the tip of the iceberg for the bus system. While smart card readers on busses are nice, is it too much to ask that the route schedules and maps posted at bus stops actually correspond to the bus lines that stop at that shelter?

But for anyone who scoops a cat box with even semi-regularity, the choice of litter in Ireland is maddening. They even have litter that purports to be scoopable.

But, run your scoop under it with anything approaching actual movement, and said ball breaks apart and scatters to the wind. Upon questioning numerous shopkeepers about this, I was met with noncommittal shrugs, and a general vibe of “Well that’s just how it is here” attitude (said attitude contributing nicely to disgruntlement #1 below). We’ve found a way for Taco Bell and Pizza Hut to exist in the same building.

I even had one shopkeeper tell me that the stuff I’d purchased clumps well when the cat has “gone#2”, but not for “#1”. Number Four: Separate Hot & Cold Water Taps Over the years I have occasionally run across some old farmhouse, or other venerable institution, with plumbing that dates back to Moses and invariably includes separate hot & cold taps. Surely the radical luddite building owner responsible for this monument to inefficiency realizes that we can run hot and cold together and get warm water without resorting to some Ebola-coated rubber stopper.

And, quaint as this may be, every single time I’ve encountered this my reaction has been the same. But you find these dual tap faucets in apartments, homes, and businesses all across Ireland. Don’t get me wrong, Dublin mass transit is better than most of the United States, but it falls well short of the rest of Europe.

Is it too much to ask for a little cumin, or even some garlic? Number One: Institutionalized Disorganization & Shameless Lack of Accountability –The Irish Goat Rodeo The thing that grates most about living in The Republic of Ireland (particularly in Dublin because it has so many more ways to express itself in the city) is the laid back Irish way of just accepting poorly designed, executed, and delivered goods and services at all levels of life.

On one hand, there is a nice easygoing way about the Irish. But they’ve got such a casual outlook on life that they seem to have stopped expecting things to be done well, or, in some cases, at all.You kind of expect this attitude from governments the world over.After living in Dublin for just a month, I don’t claim to have the full measure of either the city or country.But I am starting to form some solid opinions about things.Here’s a list of the top five things that grate on me after a month of expatriate living in The Republic of Ireland.Number Five: The Cat Litter As with last week’s post, those of you without cats won’t get this.


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