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You will want to focus on SLR and Rangefinder cameras from any era before the early 1990s because they are well-built and sturdy.

Could someone here help me through the steps to achieve this size? I have the DNG, I assume the process is under 'image of the image to 1200 x 1500 pixels. Saying 4 x 5 inches at 300 ppi is just the same as saying as 1200 x 1500 pixels. The term "dpi" is also used in more hair-splitting conversations about how ink is deposited during printing, etc., but don't worry about that part."They have requested, through another party, that it be at least 4x5 and 300dpi. Ensure that Resample Image is ticked, and (assuming you are downsampling, ie: making the image smaller, set resample method to Bicubic Sharper. Basically, Photoshop will do the pixel math for you, with this approach, if you have a target image size and (printing) DPI. Just send them the full-size originals – no need for extra work. Under Aspect Ratio choose No Restriction, Width 5in, Height 4in, Resolution 300 pixels/inch.

Every piece of photo editing software has some method for resizing, and all of them differ a bit in terms of how you enter the parameters for resizing. " If this is truly what they want I'd send them the full size image. Anyone working in digital pre-press will know, what to do."They have requested, through another party, that it be at least 4x5 and 300dpi." What does the 4x5 mean? Your camera has a 3:2 aspect ratio and getting a 4x5 means a crop unless that "at least" allows a 6x4 inch. You'll find the crop tool is restricted to produce 4x5, cropping off part of the image.

They want it 'at least' that size, not exactly that size. 4"x5", let's aim for 4"x6": go to pulldown Image|Image Size. Assuming this is landscape oriented, full frame image, set either document width or height to 6" or 4" respectively (setting one should cause the other to follow suit). Try it with 6in and 4in and there is nothing cropped out.

Collecting vintage camera is a fun way to gain knowledge about history and photography.

While people are upgrading to digital, 35mm film cameras are not old enough to be considered antique.

In fact, it is still being used by some professional wedding and portrait photographers.

One of the main reason most people buy used cameras is because they are substantially cheaper than the newer models.

Zeiss Ikon Voigtländer Vitessa 500 AE Electronic 22.

Hi All: I have a 5D Mark II and Photo shop CS-4 w/ NIK software.

I shoot for my own enjoyment, but now a small newspaper wants to use two of my color photos.

They have requested, through another party, that it be at least 4x5 and 300dpi. If you deal in absolute pixels, you'll always know what you've got. for these sorts of discussions, they're interchangeable. They usually come from image editors, that don't have much of a clue about digital imaging, but are merely repeating, what someone else deemed to be appropriate for a given publication, probably dating back to the film days.


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