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If SOCKS 5 is specified, then DNS lookups can be performed on the SOCK proxy server.

This flag controls whether lookups are done locally or on the SOCKS server. Necko updates the offline|online status to this value.

Changing this value does not change the actual networking status.

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will disable file:// URLs on pages from a network ( https: ftp:) source, for security reasons.

Errors are sent to the javascript console, not to the user via dialog box.

This preference only works in Gecko versions before 1.8 (so Firefox 1.0 and Mozilla Suite builds).

In Firefox 1.5 and Seamonkey 1.0 this preference no longer has an effect.

The old section in this document was removed because of dwitte's cookies re-write.

Please see: Cookies Preferences in Mozilla Note: Do NOT use this in extensions, use ns IProtocol Proxy Filter [en-US] instead.

Preferences | Advanced | Proxies Configure Proxies to Access the Internet ( ) Direct connection to the internet ( ) Auto-detect proxy settings (new in 1.8) ( ) Manual proxy configuration ( ) Automatic proxy configuration URL 3 was old Communicator value for DIRECT.

List of preferences that affect networking behavior. QA testers, developers and "power users" with extensive networking internals experience.

For general technical documentation on preferences (including how to edit them), see "A Brief Guide to Mozilla Preferences" The goal is to accurately document Core-Necko behavior and Firefox 3 UI.

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