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’, your perfect partner is going to fall out of the sky, you will be far less likely to fall into any old habits and you’ll ultimately be taking care of you. I’m over my ex and am no longer emotionally invested in them. If you are not over your ex you are unavailable and will end up passing time with people, messing them around, flip flapping in indecision, and expecting them to do the emotional work of getting you over your ex. If you date to feel better, you’ll probably feel worse after the initial high of attention.You’ll also spend too much time comparing and contrasting and in reality, you just can’t be emotionally present.Deal with your feelings – good, bad, and indifferent.

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Shed the dead weight, put boundaries in place so that you can be genuinely available for a new relationship.

Also never give someone license to dip in and out of your life. I believe that a loving, healthy relationship with mutual love, care, trust and respect is out there for me.

Positive beliefs are fundamental to your mentality, attitude, and breaking any previous negative relationship patterns.

A lot of people think being ‘ready’ means ready to get attention, have companionship, get sex, an ego stroke – ready to jump back in the saddle.

However being ready to date, which prepares you for being ready for a relationship is actually about being mentally and emotionally ready.

In this weeks quiz, find out your dating readiness. If there’s stuff that you disagreed with, take it as a signal to dig deep within and be aware that if you proceed to date anyway without addressing them, you need to own your part in what results.

While agreeing with the above doesn’t mean ‘Shazam!

When you break up, it’s best to take it that it’s ‘done’ so that you don’t languish in limbo putting your life on hold and delaying processing your feelings.

Without committing to your relationship being over, you are trying to keep your options open, which is unfair to others you may become involved with.

The world doesn’t need flip flapping around in the dating pool trying to get the fringe benefits of a relationship without the relationship and without the intimacy.

Unavailable people often have a lot of ‘loose ends’ in their lives and some of these exes boomerang in and out like bad pennies.


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