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There are a variety of open, standardized options, and the ideal choice depends on the applications requirements and pre-existing functionality.For example, SOAP-based web services format the data in an XML payload wrapped within a SOAP envelope.While XML works well for many application scenarios, it has some drawbacks that make it less than ideal for others.

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Ajax is a technique used for building interactive web applications that provide a snappier user experience through the use of out-of-band, lightweight calls to the web server in lieu of full-page postbacks.

These asynchronous calls are initiated on the client using Java Script and involve formatting data, sending it to a web server, and parsing and working with the returned data.

While most browsers can construct, send, and parse XML, Java Script Object Notation (or JSON) provides a standardized data exchange format that is better-suited for Ajax-style web applications.

JSON is an open, text-based data exchange format (see RFC 4627).

Atif Aziz, Scott Mitchell February 2007 Applies to: JSON Ajax Summary: This article discusses Java Script Object Notation (or JSON), an open and text-based data exchange format, that provides a standardized data exchange format better suited for Ajax-style web applications.

(22 printed pages) Introduction Understanding Literal Notation in Java Script Comparing JSON to XML Creating and Parsing JSON Messages with Java Script Working with JSON in the .

NET Framework Conclusion References Download the source code for this article.

When designing an application that will communicate with a remote computer, a data format and exchange protocol must be selected.

Like XML, it is human-readable, platform independent, and enjoys a wide availability of implementations.

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