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While many of the buildings enclosing Old Delhi’s teeming bazaars have a tale to tell, its greatest monuments are undoubtedly the magnificent constructions of the Mughals, most notably the mighty Red Fort, and the Jama Masjid, India’s largest and most impressive mosque.

The result is a city full of fascinating nooks and crannies that you could happily spend weeks, or even months, exploring.

From a tourist’s perspective, Delhi is divided into two main parts.

Old Delhi is the city of the Mughals and dates back to the seventeenth century.

It’s the capital’s most frenetic quarter, and its most Islamic, a reminder that for more than seven hundred years Delhi was a Muslim-ruled city.

As the city expands, however – which it is doing at quite a pace – the centre of New Delhi is becoming too small to house the shops, clubs, bars and restaurants needed to cater to the affluent and growing middle class.

Many businesses are moving into South Delhi, the vast area beyond the colonial city.Here, among the modern developments, and new business and shopping areas, is where you’ll find some of Delhi’s most ancient and fascinating attractions.Delhi is the symbol of old India and new…even the stones here whisper to our ears of the ages of long ago and the air we breathe is full of the dust and fragrances of the past, as also of the fresh and piercing winds of the present.India’s capital, Delhi is the hub of the country: a buzzing international metropolis which draws people from across India and the globe.Home to fifteen million people, it’s big, sprawling and still growing.Yet tucked away inside Delhi’s modern suburbs and developments are tombs, temples and ruins dating back centuries; in some places, the remains of whole cities from the dim and distant past nestle among homes and highways built in just the last decade or two.

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