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It was very difficult because it was not like I had a black eye or bruises.

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*** Two summers ago, I received a phone call from a pastor who shared his growing concern about wife-spanking in his family of churches.

Months later, I finally reported on the topic of wife spanking in this article: The Christian Patriarchy Movement’s Dark Secret of Wife Spanking.

Wife spanking is often referred to as Christian Domestic Discipline, as if to make it more politically correct. Please be careful if you are easily triggered by topics of abuse.

As far as I’m concerned, it should be called assault and reported to authorities immediately. Since then, the most common search term which brings people to the blog is”wife spanking.” Some of the search phrases make me want to vomit. *** Julie Anne: I found an old post of yours from last year.

Thank you for writing and shedding light on another form of domestic abuse that doesn’t get talked about very much.

It’s one thing when it is a Ray Rice situation like in the news now.But I think there are probably other women in conservative or controlling “Christian” households where the husband thinks it is OK to spank his wife like just another child in the house. I grew up in a very conservative, Southern household and was spanked at home until I left.So when my husband spanked me the first time, I was embarrassed, but I thought maybe it was my fault or somehow it was OK.Update (12/28/15): previously, there were two You Tube videos posted of Dr. Phil’s show) also claimed to be a Christian (non-denominational background).He spanked his wife so he could get the “demons out” and to stop the bad behavior which he labeled as narcissism.He demanded that his wife call him “sir.” Pat Robertson is another known figure in Christiandom who has said some shocking statements about how husbands should treat wives.


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