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Plus 5 for watching Ed Swiderski not even finish it, and Plus 25 more for Chris Harrison saying "nut sack." Superfan David and Rachel come away with the win! Dave chose to spend his date with Blakeley Shea, Erica Rose and Jamie at the prom, making this officially the least stable prom in history. Plus 20, because we really need a Chris Harrison wax figure. If this were Cinemax, Ed's junk would have more screen time than 75 percent of the cast members. Our recap could end there and be more than sufficient, but ABC's guilty pleasure, which premiered after Emily Maynard picked Jef Holm on A relay race, full of obstacles involving ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream and nuts was the week's challenge ... Rachel went out with Michael (of course), Tony and Nick to Madame Tussaud's wax museum in Hollywood. The Bachelor Experience date would've worked better with people from the show that are actually noteworthy, so Minus 5, but Chris made up for it. Minus 25, because he seems like a good guy, but Plus 25, as he didn't belong there anyway. Minus 5 more for Erica Rose's mere presence this season. An additional Minus 70 overall for utterly weak casting this season. Last season's Jake-Vienna-Kasey in-fighting and Mike-Holly-Blake drama made the show.

Reid, of all people, bitter about losing Jillian to him? yet cried about it while saying so, and wept during the date with David as well. Meanwhile, Sarah's guilt for voting against Ed led her to TELL ED that Reid is the mastermind of trying to send him home.

— especially after last season’s heart-wrenching Holly situation — but sadly it appears the two are not together.

According to Reality Steve, who I seriously think has some NSA insiders tapping the phones of Bachelor producer’s and contestants (really, his detailed, comprehensive and accurate info is ridiculous. if something like the NSA weren’t at play, he’d at least get the outcomes of the show wrong every once in a while — especially if sources were coming to him for payouts the way they do with the tabloids, but I digress…).

So according to Reality Steve: “What if I were to tell you that before filming of ‘Bachelor Pad’ even started, Michael was involved with someone (not from this franchise), and after filming ended, he went back to her and is still involved with her now?

I also have a Master's in Architecture, so anything architecture, sustainable architecture, historic preservation, futuristic architecture, urban design, etc.

roomies either celebrated or squirmed following Reid and Donna's ouster, the ever chipper host returned to the house to distribute presumably highly personal surveys that he encouraged the 14 remaining contestants to answer as openly and honestly as possible.

Well, that was bound to cause mass devastation, now wasn't it?

” So it sounds like Michael was in the same situation as Ed with a girl back home and on a “break” when he went on the show. And I suspect this rumor is 100% true as Reality Steve is almost always right. But, if he’s not with Rachel, then the real info Bachelor Nation needs to know is: WHO IS MICHAEL STAGLIANO DATING??

We will be doing our best to figure that out, so stay tuned!

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