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In the better weather months we will aim to go from Chess Connections into Thetford to play Street Chess in the open air from 12-3pm*.

Face2Face offers a one to one free and confidential befriending service for parents of children with a disability.

Suitable for budding artists keen to hone their talents and share with other budding artists. These events will be suitable for those who have a heart to pray for the nation and situations of concern in the world as well as the local area.

There will be a short teaching input on prayer, followed by a briefing on some situations in the world, followed by opportunities to pray for those concerns.

Individual areas for prayer can be shared in the latter part of the meeting.

An exciting new arts project is about to unfold in Thetford that will enable lots of new artistic options for people to come to develop their artistic skills & express their art.

See the listed events/classes below, scroll down for further details & prices.

The Art Studio run by local artist Kevin Moore caters for 9-75 plus years of age and runs a special lesson for the keen 5-8 year olds.

Those keen to explore or improve their painting in oil or acrylics.

This an open meeting to people across the Churches.

Please check with Kevin as some months vary a little.

Chess puzzles & conundrums will start the session and then some chess coaching and game play.

You can come to learn the game or to develop your game.


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