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This was a random idea that came to me, and I just couldn't resist. It's very silly and tongue in cheek, so don't take it seriously, and certainly don't give yourself a hear attack trying to figure out the time setting, etc, just know that it is G1.

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Free slag chatrooms

Prettyinpink: Good idea Huge_Rod: Or perhaps you just like it...-Prettyinpink left the room Huge_Rod: Heh...

I didn't choose it, Springer did it before, when I wasn't looking Huge_Rod: *snickers* Well, you know you can change it right...? Iron_Stunner: So, you guys come to these places often? Huge_Rod: Yup Prettywithapistol: Sometimes, when I'm bored.

Huge_Rod: Ohhhhh...perhaps that's what Spike meant when he said they need taking care of...

-Prettywithapistol joined the room Prettywithapistol: Hot Rod, why do you keep giving me those organic fluffy, jumping little things as presents? Besides, I thought they were meant to stay outside?

Prettywithapistol: This is quite unlike you Sunny Sunshine: Meh, I'm just trying not to be a miserable, arrogant, stupid aft head any more, like I have been foreverrrr :) Oh yeah, next time you see me, feel free to give me a good kick in the shin, too. I thought you took a lot of pride in your looks-POWERTRIP joined the room Huge_Rod: Ooo, serious bzns. Sunshine: Do I sense an uptight cop on the internets?

Sunshine: Seriously, everyone feel free to call me that, or whatever you like.

' and he got really mad and went and punched Mirage because Smokescreen said it was his idea? I think he thinks it makes us think he' date, if you know what I mean. The only 'bot I haven't really seen on here ever is Prime. Besides, it's probably best he doesn't see what goes on here for the most part... Iron_Stunner: No rhyming talk a loud-Iron_Stunner has kicked Speedy_Wheelie from the room Huge_Rod: Thank slag for that! Who's most unbearable: Wheelie, Blurr or Ultra Magnus when he's just won a game of poker? When it comes to a choice like that, I just think of who is the least Huge_Rod: The least what?? Prettywithapistol: Guys, I'm gonna go, Springer just got here, we're going to go help Magnus deal with some stuff Huge_Rod: Springer's there??

They bounce around for a while, then they end up dying and stinking really bad.

Huge_Rod: No, never mind...-Sunshine joined the room Huge_Rod: Could this be the one and only?


  1. In the end Ali Vincent won, making her the first female winner in the history of the United States Biggest Loser series.

  2. For more details on these errors, click here for brainout #6.

  3. We love the easy takedown design, as well as the simple wood aesthetic.

  4. Iron_Stunner: Hi-Prettyinpink joined the room Huge_Rod: Iron stunner..are you??

  5. Sleep did not seem like too and I began to read a magazine.

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