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This is still expensive, despite being the cheapest option - for the money all you get is video streaming, no audio or interaction.Plus, when the member disconnects, you are automatically disconnected too.In general, the video and audio streaming is very good quality.

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Juicy is not the cheapest cams site to pick, especially if you're only a casual user.

However, if you spend a lot of time using cams sites, the attractive discount packages might mean some significant savings for you.

The biggest problem is that the choice of performers can be limited. However, you'd be well-advised to check out the terms and conditions before you commit yourself, as it's a little more complex than the average cams site.

That is, you may be out of pocket if you just drop by for the odd private chat, especially as there are many other sites just as good that offer the same chat for much less. The girls of Juicy are friendly and eager to please, much like you'd find on other sites. Don't come looking for guys, shemales or other kinky fetishes. The girls are typically responsive to your requests and the action begins as soon as you start spending.

In all charged chat rooms the cam quality is boosted.

If you have any problems then you can just send a message to the support desk. You can browse thumbnails or use a couple of search tools to assist you in narrowing down the options, although the relative lack of performers on the site doesn't really necessitate this.There aren't too many other options, which makes for a clear and easy to navigate site with no messing.Trouble is, depending on when you drop by, there may be very few performers to choose from. There are a few options to choose from in addition to the free chat.Private chat lets you get one-to-one with the performer for a hot show.If you can handle jostling for the performer's attention with other members, opt for the slightly cheaper semi-private chat.Even cheaper still is the voyeur chat option, in which you get to look in on another member's private show.

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