Funny online dating opening lines marina diamonds dating

So every time you tell a complete stranger that she’s drop dead gorgeous or that her body is a 10, it just glides over her like a song she’s heard a thousand times.

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Funny online dating opening lines

Heck, even I have it, and I hate the concept of online dating. Well, if you’re hanging your head in shame right now, don’t worry.

In today’s article I’m going to be sharing a few thoughts on what it takes to master the art of the Tinder message.

So here’s the thing; some women might tell you that a simple “Hi, how are you doing? But in all honesty, unless you follow a generic message like this up with something mighty funny or mighty interesting the chances of you getting anything more than a couple of polite responses are slimmer than one of those Victoria Secret models. One of my favorite ways to open on Tinder is with something funny.

You see, at the end of the day the first message isn’t really about what you say. So if you can get a girl giggling from the get go you’re off to a great start.

Example:but it still surprises me every time I read a Tinder horror story about some creepy guy going from 0-100 within the first few seconds.

So seriously do yourself a favor and stay away from anything that you wouldn’t say out loud to a person in real life. Like: Part of the fun of Tinder is that it’s just so damn fast.So don’t be the party pooper that sends a page-and-half long essay as your first message.Actually come to think of it, save the life story for when you’re on your fourth date.Writing twenty seven lines and getting a “that’s cool” in response is just embarrassing for both parties.Here’s the thing about good looking women – they know that they’re good looking.It’s literally the first thing, and sometimes the only thing they hear from most men.


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