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It will quickly become apparent that looking in one direction the grass will appear much darker and the other direction much lighter and sort of shiny.The shiny view shows the grain is growing away from you.Chuck Quinton : This will indeed have a significant affect on putts in terms of both speed and break, so it is very important to learn to read the grain.

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Chuck Quinton : Ok, we're going to go ahead and start here...

I'm going to start by answering the questions posted on the forum and then we can move on to other topics.

It may take some time to type the full response to some of your questions, so please be patient and everyone will be heard, err, seen.

Chuck Quinton : I'm sure you've probably heard to go up and look at the cup and see if the grass is growing over the lip but if it is early in the day, there is little sun, it's cold etc. Chuck Quinton : The best way to read grain is to walk around the hole and look from all different sides.

I've been using this and it has helped me alot..seems to be part of his 'dynamics' for rhthym and flow. jricci : Following up the dynamism thread, In "Golf is not a Game of Perfect", the author makes point that no more than half a practice session should be on mechanics, the last 1/2 or more should be dynamic practice with full out shots, no mechanical thoughts. Chuck Quinton : eb, the arms have to swing back behind your body during the backswing, so there is some work to be done there and they do need to get in a good position at the top, but once they are there, you can begin to fire with the body jymetalwood : Yes, I have two problems, on my backswing, my hips and shoulders move together.

I cant seem to brace the rear leg, to hold my hips from rotating back.

I'll send the other one if we have time Joe Chuck Quinton : Joe, if I'm not mistaken, you've had knee problems in the past and don't have the most flexibility.

In general, putts into the grain will be dramatically slower than putts straight down grain.

Chuck Quinton : I'm sure most everyone has struggled with this at some point, the problem is multi-faceted, but the biggest thing that happens is that the dynamicism of the golf swing is lost as we focus on mechanical things.

Chuck Quinton : the brain only has so much processing power, it's much like a computer, and when we focus intently on something mechanical, we override other things in our swing that naturally happen when we aren't focused on something mechanical Chuck Quinton : that's why it's so important to split up your practice sessions, you can't just spend all day on technique and never get back in to the flow of just making swings to send the ball to the target Chuck Quinton : This is pretty easy to do when you have a swing as good as his, but the truth of the matter is that he is dead right.

My positions are much better throughout the swing, but his overall dynamics are far superior and because of that, he is a more consistently better golfer Chuck Quinton : dynamics is a tough one to explain in typing, but I have plans to use some swings I filmed of Adrians last week and mine side by side for a video this month to explain it that way. Chuck Quinton : it's the art of getting the body to flow throughout the swing, combining the movements subtly and blending the body motion with the arm swing, as well as getting the body to control the swing and move in one direction while the club, arms, etc can move in the opposite bubbus910 : In the Swing Plane DVD I've noticed that Adrian used a little bit of a forward swing and then into backswing..his practice swing.


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