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Let us know when you meet your beloved; we always hold the space for you to do so.

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The power of two is exponentially greater than the power of one.

Together, some have started healing and/or retreat centers, written books, led classes and workshops and more.

It's exciting to see how paths unfold when two come together during this high consciousness era of our evolution.

We wish you the absolute BESTThe Conscious Dating Network is the largest network of exclusively natural health conscious, environmentally aware and spiritually evolved dating sites in the world, with more than 14 years experience.

All sites share the same database of members, so by being a member of Natural Awakenings Singles, you will have access to tens of thousands of conscious singles from all over the world.

We are constantly upgrading and adding new features to the site to keep up with technology and provide our members with the newest, most efficient means to meet other enlightened singles.We sincerely wish you the most wonderful, loving experience on our site.Magazine is expanding into other areas like DATING.We are excited to provide such a high quality online dating venue.Our goal is to provide natural health conscious, eco-minded and spiritually evolved singles an effective, fun, easy-to-use dating site to meet other like-minded/hearted-conscious singles.By partnering with the Conscious Dating Network, the largest, exclusively conscious/spiritual/green network of dating sites on the Internet, we are confident that we are providing you with the best possible venue for you to meet your Life Partner, Divine Complement, Twin Flame...


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