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We all felt that he was a man of God, for he spoke with power, and as one having authority in very deed. But she told them just as the circumstances took place. Passey, eds., She [Emma Smith] discovered that Joseph had been celesitalizing with this maiden, Fanny, who acknowledged the truth, but Joseph denied it in toto and stigmatized the statement of the girl as a base fabrication.17 July, 1831 – Alleged Revelation mentioned in a letter to Brigham Young written in 1861 by an early Mormon convert, William W. Emma, of course, believed the girl, as she was very well aware that no confidence could be placed in her husband, and she became terrible worked up about it.Phelps on marrying Lamanites to make them whiter (implying hemispheric model of the Book of Mormon) [I]t is [Jesus Christ‘s] will, that in time, ye should take unto you wives of the Lamanites and Nephites [i.e., Native Americans], that their posterity may become white, delightsome, and Just, for even now their females are more virtuous than the gentiles…About three years after this was given [i.e., about 1834], I asked brother Joseph, privately, how “we,” that were mentioned in the revelation could take wives of the “natives” as we were all married men? I did just as Joseph told me to do[.] January 25, 1832 – D&C 75 given, commanding Samuel Smith, Brigham Young and others to go and teach to the Cochranites 1832 – Levi Hancock states that Fanny Alger’s transaction (SEX, MAID, DISPUTED, DRAWN SWORD) occurred this year 24 March, 1832 -“The tar and feather incident”. She was like a mad woman, and acted so violently that Oliver Cowdery and some of the elders were called in to minister to her and ‘cast the devil out of sister Emma.” 1833– This year an Illinois state law was created relating to polygamy/bigamy.

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Forced Marriage is divinely inspired if this is true.

MAID – A count of the number of maids/housekeepers/girls working for Joseph.

Disputed – There exists either little evidence for the marriage, or solid counter evidence 25 May, 1819 – Weekly Visitor publishes about Cochran and his concepts of Spiritual Wifery 8 October, 1824 – Brigham Young marries Miriam Angeline Works, age 18 18 January , 1827 – Joseph marries Emma hale by eloping 30 March, 1830 – Book of Mormon Printed.

Jacob 2 decries Polygamy 1831 – Mary Elizabeth Rollins meets Joseph Smith for the first time Brother Whitney brought the Prophet Joseph to our house and introduced him to the older ones of the family (I was not in at the time.) In looking around he saw the Book of Mormon on the shelf, and asked how that book came to be there.

He said, “I sent that book to Brother Morley.” Uncle told him how his niece had obtained it. ” I was sent for; when he saw me he looked at me so earnestly, I felt almost afraid.

After a moment or two he came and put his hands on my head and gave me a great blessing, the first I ever received, and made me a present of the book, and said he would give Brother Morley another.

He came in time to rebuke the evil spirits, and set the church in order. Emma and all forgave him.” (Letter to Joseph Smith, III, July 1872, Community of Christ Archives, reprint in Stan Larson and Samuel J.

Note Age of Consent in the 1900’s: “Early English law set the age of consent at ten, the age was gradually raised over the years.

In the nineteenth century, most states had set the age of consent at ten.

A few states began by using twelve as the cutoff; Delaware set the age of consent at seven.” (Melina Mc Tigue, “Statutory Rape Law Reform in Nineteenth Century Maryland: An Analysis of Theory and Practical Change) Illinois was one of them set at age 10 () Statutory rape in historical context (No it wasn’t statutory rape, but the laws were very lax, however it was prosecutable civilly because girl’s virtue had a real dollar value back then attached.

Joseph was robbing families of wealth, from an 1800’s point of view) [Updated 11/13/2014] Note – Key to understanding shorthand on Joseph’s wives SEX – This means that there are allegations of sex.


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