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At the same time, Paula found the students most gratifying to work with. Each student that is selected gets 0 gift card from either Blick or B&H including their teacher. Artists lined the room and concentrated on only the models in front of them. This event was open to not only the students, but whoever had a passion to paint and had a free moment to spare.Another firm that has stepped forward is Patterson Flynn Martin (PFM), a “bespoke” carpeting and rug company located in the D&D Building. On Saturday, March 15th the annual Draw-A-Thon was held in the High School of Art and Design cafeteria and gym. Fortunately for me, I was able to catch a few words with some of the crowd.PFM creates its own designs in a variety of materials, including wool, silk, metal, and synthetics. The people I interviewed differed from the models to the alumni of 1982 to future students.

Fortunately, Tina Li Sheff, a design educator and member of the neighborhood volunteer group called Friends of Art & Design (FAD), was familiar with many showrooms in the D&D Building.

She introduced some of them to the possibility of using the high school’s talented students as interns. Celine Adorno, Manar Balh, Adrianna Brown, Carena Carrington, Shelley Chen, Tiffany Claborn, Noel Dumaguing, Cliffannie Forrester, Annarose Kelly, Cynthia Ovando, Carry Pak, Patrickson St Elien, Joshua Swaby, Xiara Torres, Tiffany Vargas, Sarah Velandria, Kalila Abdur-Razzaq, Kevin Allison, Kaitlyn Amable, Jacob Assel, Melanie Audain, Alshante Baker, Brenda Barrera, Kayla Beltran, David Bermdez, Kelsey Bitong, Henry Bohan, Niki Brisnvali-Grillakis, Jahoney Borrowes, Coya Campbell, Shannon Cardona, Diannelle Chaparro, Evelyn Chavez, Fatima Coulibaly, Nichelle Cuevas, Mannone Delgado-Lovissi, Marc Fersko, Ashley Figueroa, Miku Fukazawa, Justin Gold, Robert Gomez, Maria Gonzalez, Carter Gunthrie, Betzaleell Hernandez, Quinn Hoerner, Sharai Hornedo, Priscilla Houston, Alfredo Ibarra, Latisha Jackson, Elena Johnson, Halima Konteh, Dominik Kopiczko, Andreana Kraft, Jean Lopez, Katherine Lopez, M'Niyah Lynn, Stephannie Marcelino, Kimberly Mendez, Jean Michel, Shania Molina, Dayna Moore, Glen Mosher, Mohamed Mousa, Natalie Ordonez, Felicity Park, Fancisco Penacastro, Arlene Pernett, Jordan Revanales, Karina Rios, Maria Rios, Jailline Rodriguez, Marilyn Ruiz, Janelly Santos, Sarah Siegel, Ashley Spurrell, Omar Stefansson, Anjanisari Sudiman, Kaitlyn Torres, Julian Turovsky, Giselle Urbano, Franny Vasquez, Nina Vazquez, Alisa Velez, Amberrose Venus-Gordon, Ashley Vidal, Tobu Widjaja Marisol Lugo and Lillian Tirado are two of only 12 artists in the Kekst & Company exhibition that were selected from over 150 submissions.

The first showroom-manager to respond was Paula Fleming of Fabricut, who was formerly Director of the Interior Design Department at Bloomingdale's. With her enthusiastic support and help, these high-school interns enjoyed and appreciated a challenging working and learning experience at Fabricut. Celine Adorno, Sumin Kim, Jasmine Qu and Cindy Rodriguez are four of 18 artists that were selected from 150 submissions for the Kylin Management LLC exhibition. The room was quiet and not a sound was heard besides that of pencils and paintbrushes flying against paper and canvas.

Teacher Skedula Teacher Portal Alumni Association FAD Friends of Art & Design Staff Directory Admissions/Auditions Seniors 2016 Summer Art Assignments Summer Reading Assignments1st place $15,000: Alan Saldana, Christian Montes, Felix Ortiz, Rashell Encalada, Lennon Kardestancer3rd place $8,000: Eric Di Marco, Squire Mahon, Will Popalisky, Kamila Tlatenchi, Raphael Hunt, Owen Guzman6th place $5,000: Paige Mc Sherry, Tyrone Hardy, Deklan Mills, Tan Bennett, Alani Padilla Photography by James Mc Sherry Graphic Communications Scholarship Foundation Ceremony where seven of our students received scholarships for their excellence in visual communications.

Two students: Dirmawan Luawo, AP Junior Graphic Design received a scholarship for his participation in Parson's SPACE program and Sergio Georghiou, AP Senior Graphic Design won the highest award of the evening and gave a very emotional and heartfelt speech.

From left to right: Emily Bond '15, Dirmawan Luawo '17, Sergio Georghiou '16, Tatyana Palacios '14, Mr.

Bencsko, Tasnima Tanzim '14, Jerry Mandelbaum GCSF President, Brian Orellana '13, and Roxana Santana '13Digital Illustration:1st place: Katherine Lopez - Teacher: James Harrington2nd place: Nina Vasquez - Teacher: James Harrington Digital Photography:1st place: Sandrine Pomies - Teacher: Chris Spaterella Student Filmmakers 1st place: Kai De Kassian, Robert Williams, Nathan Saldana, Josalynn Clark, Destiny Diaz - Teacher: Hanan Harchol2nd place: Christian Montes, Felix Ortiz, Rashell Encalada, Alan Saldana, Lennon Kardestuncer - Teacher: Hanan Harchol3rd place: Marc Fersko, Alexander Jackson, Emily Martinez - Teacher: Hanan Harchol Digital Video Production2nd place: Stavros Lari, Sami Blakaj, Diamond Staten - Teacher: Hanan Harchol Graphic Design: 2nd place: James Dundon - Teacher: Andrew Bencskostart?

Many students were introduced to the business world through the school’s internship program.

According to Ira Merritt, the school’s “Work-Based Learning Coordinator,” both students and businesses have been discovering the benefits of working together.

During the past year, forty-six students from the High School of Art & Design were enrolled in internships throughout the City in a variety of businesses, from Met Life to AT&T. Merrit, 95% of the participating businesses were pleased with the students' performance.

And exposure to the practical world of work has enabled many of the student-interns to decide on their career choice.

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