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The cocktails are made and the kids are put to bed while I remove the sweet and tangy pork from the oven.In the not-yet-quiet house the smells of fatty pork and pungent garlic lure us to the table and help to mute the distractions.This evening we find ourselves casually eating on the couch.

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By this point the house is quiet and we settle in a little closer while we talk about the latest book we are reading together.

Both of us work from home so we see each other quite often throughout the day.

Quite often we are able to have three meals together as a family – a blessing I cherish in these precious days.

But because of that it is easy for us to forget that even though we see each other a lot we are rarely connecting on the level that is needed to deepen our relationship.

To become lazy in our marriage is the disease that can quickly kill it.

Working hard to preserve our friendship and intimacy we set aside these times, learn together and carve out moments to grow.While the summer sun slowly retreats we pull our little ice cream bombes from the freezer and finish our night with a sweet, satisfying and unsophisticated dessert that reminds us that while deep and intimate conversations are vital to the marriage, so is having fun. At times they help us prepare the meal knowing what the food is for – a special date night for mama and dad.Ivy guides my hand to cut the tomatoes just to be a part of it.She’s eager to help taste and her joyful reaction assures me that I’ve done something right. I watch her confidently grab for ingredients as she nudges her way into the process.Carefully I remove knives out of her path and do my best to keep her safe while not discouraging her bravery and curiosity.

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