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hes the first guy that you can really open up to without that awkward sexual tension getting in the way' which of course isn't true ;) Tell him 'he makes you feel safe because you know he doesn't see you that way'. guys hate to be boxed in like this especially when you 'assume' something wrong about them. The key is let him see you choose/prefer to spend time him... over them so that he can see you are selective not easy... and then both laugh about it in a bar down the road afterwards). A well timed call from another guy when you are with him will do the trick. Then let him rescue you from bad chat up attempts or better still from awful dates (call him halfway through to help you escape!

feeding his ego and feeling 'useless' and 'unattractive' with the unspoken rejection he teased me with. the problem is he knows he can have you as somehow that became clear through your past behaviour, the chase and/or your value lost its appeal to him and now he is holding back because he can. Never be further ahead emotionally/mentally in any relationship than the guy. Then thats exactly what he will do if you decide to lead and he's not sure. This will in turn do two things: Firstly it will help you develop preferences for what you like and don't like in a man so you can compare with the one you really like, and secondly take the pressure and your attention off him periodically to give him time to miss you. this will only make him more uncertain and for sure he will back off to avoid rejection.

He has to lead freely, not you dragging him forward or willing him to make a move.

Of course he'll want to prove you wrong ;): Ok you may say you don't fancy him... Touch his arm/back innocently, hug him, massage his shoulders, do the little cute things you know drives him crazy.... If you're a naturally sexy girl then you'll prob do this to him without realising.

And you're creating a world where there are rules and: provide a setting where you are in demand. Tell him 'hes such a nice guy and other guys just aren't reliable like him.' Use words to describe him as you would a pet dog (sweet, safe, dependable, caring, trustworthy). Be innocent to your sexuality and how it affects him when you are together.

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I have discovered a stark contrast between what each sex thinks the opposite sex wants from them, and what the opposite sex really does want.

In short, we all like to have an 'orbit' of admirers in our midst. You can even go further, if you dare to, with a little admission that you find him a bit attractive one night when your really drunk (Make it the in-joke of the evening that of course you find him sexy and maybe you'll even consider a marriage pact @ 40 with him if theres no one else for you. so bonus for him) You can always ignore it the next day when your hungover and sober or keep the joke running that he's your reserve. If you had fun being in his company then you've lost nothing but gained some nice moments & memories.

Those we 'sorta' like but not enough to that we see stars and get tummy butterflies. Well, we do it for our ego, for attention, to keep us 'warm' through those bleaker days when sexy guy no. Your kids would look ok so he can be on your list for now ;) Confuse the hell out of him? why not ;): I've added this in because i think its one element that was missing when i first posted this. Also realise if he's not taking the bait then he's not giving you what you desire (and this is all about you right? There will always be a guy out there to replace him so put the 'game player' on a back burner and move on....

1 is just , called up my girls for a vent on how frustrating it was that he was keeping me at a distance when he blatantly fancied me. Girls tend to put all their 'eggs in one basket' by focusing on their 'feelings' for just one guy. don't settle for anything less, don't waste your time and most importantly don't chase.

I would have continued to let him 'dangle' the carrot of 'something more' everytime i saw him.... You need to widen the net by dating other men, and it doesn't have to be physical, just dinner & drinks. now just sit back and watch him rise to it ;) And if he doesn't? If the guy genuinely likes you but is hesitating because of lack of confidence or because you've been sending mixed signals yourself...


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