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"I was somehow convinced to go to karaoke at Manila Bar.

Interracial chatrooms south africa

Pambo and Lynch are part of what one could easily call the post-apartheid generation, far less inhibited by racial stereotypes and increasingly not bothered by public reactions interracial relationships have always been known to spark: stares, insults and so on."Some people smile at us or pay us a compliment, while others yell things out like 'moffie' or similar remarks.

Some stare and others giggle, glancing back and forth at us as they chat amongst each other."One such reaction, which the couple found funny: "Wow!

You guys are like a real life DASO poster." This being the Democratic Alliance youth poster that caused a storm in 2012 for displaying a nude interracial couple embracing."Our reaction to all this ranges from polite 'thank yous', completely ignoring comments, laughing or directly responding to questions and remarks." For Patrick Schultz (pictured above), a 27-year-old American living in Cape Town, apart from the occasional side eye, dating his coloured girlfriend Cherize Ross (pictured above)has not yet sparked any negative reactions, probably because people are getting more and more accustomed to seeing interracial couples.

"He sometimes combines food ingredients that I find quite odd together," Koko Pambo says of Aaron Lynch , his boyfriend of four years.

"He walked into my life back in 2011, wearing a white tweed jacket and a pair of vintage brogues.

We were at our first rehearsal for the Rhodes University Chamber Choir.

He reminded me of a head prefect at my high school, when I was in Grade 9."Pambo, who is black and Xhosa, would later learn that his ginger boyfriend was in fact his former head boy's younger brother.

While Cape Town still can't shake off its image as a racist colonial city, interracial couples can be spotted all over the city.

"There are no reactions that I could definitely say are negative.

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