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"Has anyone else noticed that Islam has been "quiet" since the time of Columbus until G-d has fallen out of favor in the United States. It just seems to me that as G-d has grown weaker in the United States Islam has gained strength in the world. I have oversimplified this, but I would like you to think about this, and think about where we are going.

"Check out these 12 #Israeli sensors that will revolutionize our lives: they do everything from screening luggage for explosives to scanning food for harmful bacteria to gauging when fruit trees need more water.

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There’s no need to try and fight it, we all love plushies.

They’re cute, cuddly and portable, well except for this guy.

Surely he’s cute and cuddly, but certainly not portable, being that he is as tall as most Japanese people.

I hope you guys aren’t getting tired of all this Pokemon news because here’s some more for you.

Whether you hate the character customization options or not, it does create an easier opportunity to establish Pokemon Go trainer outfits.

#Israeli researchers find way to catch deadly metastatic #melanoma invading the brain much earlier, when there is still hope.The Tel Aviv University study found a way to catch micrometastatic cells before they become #tumors, allowing for early intervention.#israelisonit Ws F5i George Allakhverdyan Don't undermine the hard work of researchers/people involved in this by crediting their findings with "god's blessing" - no, not your god and not anyone's god is responsible for the hard work of these people, they themselves are Nanci Anne Bunch A FB friend posted this profound comment this morning ...Our favorite picture will win a pair of Beats by Dr. Through Thomas, owner Yael Krauss is introducing people all over the world to a huge variety of #Israeli cuisine.Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler went on a fun hiking trip near the Coconino National Forest in Flagstaff, Arizona for Valentine's Day this past weekend.Based on Vanessa's Instagram pics from the date, the couple had a romantic time taking in all the beautiful sights together.

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