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He said he would read papers and write material for the show and think about what he could do with the show to make himself better. Howard said he never thought about going out for a walk or anything like that.

He said that he was locked in that prison for 20 years too.

He said that it was the craziest night in a hotel because there were people running around trying to get their attention.

Howard said he was living in a hotel out in Detroit for a couple of months back then when he was working at a station out there.

He said that he got to Detroit and they showed him how to get to the station so he got this hotel and just sat there for hours waiting to do his show.

He said that he'd go to work, do his thing and then he'd go back to the hotel and just wait.

He said he didn't go out and do much of anything other than eating while he waited.

He said he knows that people would think that he's really out of his mind when they hear that story.

Howard said that this dawned on him during therapy that he wouldn't leave his room because he was afraid that he wouldn't do well on the show so he'd just wait until the next show.

While they were going through that stuff they spent some time talking about some of those moments on the show.

Howard said he was getting bored with story and bailed out on the guy before he could get to too many more so he narrowed it down to those last two.

Howard played more of the Van Halen stuff and had the intro of ''Jump'' where they had a really long intro. Artie said he's never seen Van Halen live before and he really wants to go see them.

Howard said he saw them live one time but with Sammy Hagar.


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