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Memorial Site - Under Construction Click here for Online Credits & more info MICHAEL LANDON October 31st 1936 - July 1st 1991 Actor, writer, director, and producer; Michael's talents were as plentiful as his generosity, energy and boundless spirit.A man of remarkable intelligence and determination he will forever be remembered for his roles as angelic Jonathan in 'Highway to Heaven', Pa Ingalls in 'Little House on the Prairie' and of course, the cheeky, handsome and adorably reckless 'Joseph Francis Cartwight', youngest of the Cartwright brothers.Memorial Site - Under Construction Click here for Online Credits & more info MITCH VOGEL January 27th 1956 Mitch Vogel joined the show in 1970 as Jamie Hunter, an orphan taken in by the Cartwrights and later adopted by Ben.

Dan and Hoss shared the same easy smile, generous heart and kind spirit.

But where Hoss was simple and at a loss when it came to business, Dan Blocker was extraordinarily intelligent and renowned as a shrewd businessman and reputedly the wealthiest of the four stars.

To his fans he will be remembered as the 'gentle giant' and the heart of the Ponderosa.

With a commanding presence and voice to match he will be forever remembered and loved as the perfect father to many new and old generations of fans alike.

Memorial Site - Under Construction Click here for Online Credits & more info PERNELL ROBERTS May 18th 1928 - January 24th 2010 Dark, deep-voiced and durably handsome Pernell Roberts best known as the oldest son of Ben (Lorne Greene) and older brother to Hoss (Dan Blocker) and Little Joe (Michael Landon).

After he left the show he appeared for years as guest on other series and got the starring role as the title character in "Trapper John, M.

D." He also was a musician with a beautiful voice and an avid fighter for human rights.

Bonanza Legacy brings you the 'Bonanza Hall of Fame'.

A hall of fame and tribute to all the people who came together to bring Bonanza to life.

We've tried to list all the great actors, guest stars and notable off-screen talent in honor of their contributions to making Bonanza a Television History Legend!

LORNE GREENE 12th 1915 - September 11th 1987 Lorne Greene, known to so many as the voice of Canada, Battlestar Galactica's Commander Adama and probably the most prolific, the Ponderosa's beloved father figure, Ben 'Pa' Cartwright.


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