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At the end of the day, take a few moments to relive the day’s adventures with an ice cream cone or an icy cold soda from the café, or perhaps pick up an inexpensive souvenir at the gift shop.

Step back in time and thrill your children and guests with a visit to Sarasota’s Jungle Gardens.

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This lush, ten-acre tropical oasis is the home of Florida’s iconic pink flamingos, who are begging you to come play for the day.

Set foot in this local jungle and your senses will come alive with the primitive sounds of over 150 native and exotic animals.

Breathe in the sweet, heady smells that the bright, vibrant flowers and shrubs provide.

Take a look around and wonder, for a second, if you’ve found a passage back in time, where magic and fantasy still do exist.

Sarasota Jungle Gardens has been operating and delighting people of all ages since the 1930s, when two local men dreamt of a tropical attraction that would dazzle attendees with different species of wildlife in a jungle setting fit for Tarzan.

Without the need for fancy exhibits, man-made structures, or over-the-top pricing, Sarasota Jungle Gardens has stood the test of time.For people wanting to experience the “real Florida,” this is a fascinating destination, and is sure to delight and excite all who venture in.Thousands of varieties of plants and trees provide eye candy for visitors with meandering old oak trees, banana trees, staghorn ferns and more.A couple of rarities you will find here even include the Australian Nut Tree, along with the largest Norfolk Island pine found in Florida.Wander through the trails, and expect the unexpected when you immerse yourself in the habitat of birds of prey, different species of parrots and macaws, primates, small mammals, dozens of snakes, lizards, iguanas, alligators, crocodiles and other reptiles.Many animals are donated or adopted by the facility, which provides a safe environment for the creatures, and is proud to exceed USDA and Florida Fish and Wildlife Guidelines.

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