Mature on skype web chat

Skype's greatest hope in the living room so far has been Microsoft's Kinect, but it looks like your cable box could get involved soon.A Xfinity-branded webcam from Comcast and Skype just passed through the FCC, and a tipster gave Engadget additional images and details.While Skype is the primary purpose, this thing is far from a dumb camera.

The same sense of dread can apply to anyone who has to record video for a presentation or for a show they’re hosting.

Even if you’re really confident, you might not look that great on the webcam, which completely ruins the whole take. Well, it’s two-parts this, one part that and a shake of something undefinable, really.

But, no matter how elusive the goal seems, there’s always a few good tips anyone can follow which will at least get us looking our best for the camera.

Using a cheap webcam will leave you with sub-par results, as will a cheap microphone, Wi-Fi connection and overloaded computer.

If you’re serious about looking good, get a decent external webcam, get a USB-powered microphone, use an Ethernet connection and make sure you close any unnecessary apps.

Yeah, it’s not a great idea to stay in your pyjamas.

Also, remember these people will be staring directly at you for the duration of the call/video, so do a last-minute quick check of your hair positioning, check for stray facial hair and make sure there’s nothing out of place people will be drawn to.

It might seem a little overwrought for just making Skype calls, but the exciting part is that you can video chat with your Skype buddies while watching TV — theoretically while watching the same TV show simultaneously, if you both have the full Comcast setup.

It's not quite virtual cuddling on a virtual couch, but it's a start.

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