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Before you have a chance to overcome the anxiety of traditional courting obstacles, the train stops, and she's gone.

But you noticed her ski cap branded with the Bumpurr logo/transmitter icon.

So you visit the app and instantly join through a pre-existing social network. You search the immediate perimeter for app members logged on near you, and there she is.

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If she bumps you back, your phones give an instant alert for the match, and you may then begin chatting.

Bumpurr also works just like other location based GPS dating apps, in that users can simply search generally for members logged on near them or miles away.

After a match, the Bumpurr Eye Contact feature opens along with text chat.

The Patent Pending technology will make Bumpurr the first to instantly connect members of an online mobile dating app to offline non-members.

21, 2015 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- Bumpurr - a location based mobile dating app launching in 2016 - filed a Provisional Patent Application for its wearable offline GPS indicator technology in the USPTO on October 6, 2015.

According to founder Jet Wintzer, "Bumpurr will offer a streetwear clothing and accessories line embedded with our unique offline GPS transmitter logo.When a member of the Bumpurr community wears a product embedded with the logo - while logged into the app on their GPS enabled mobile phone - the logo transforms the online digital GPS beacon emitting from the user's handset into an offline GPS indicator." When the Bumpurr user then has a real life encounter with a desirable passing stranger - who is not logged into the app - contact can be initiated by the stranger who receives the offline transmission, joins the app, and then uses its GPS perimeter search to instantly reveal the online profile of the Bumpurr member.Every other location based mobile dating app on the market today offers only a confined set of potential suitors limited to people who are already members of the app.Bumpurr mobile dating technology enlarges that limited set of potential suitors to the unlimited set of the general public at large.No other mobile dating app instantly connects offline non-members to online member profiles.Imagine you are riding the subway home from work, when a beautiful stranger looks up and smiles.

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