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Found zero updates online after plugging it into the laptop.

As a matter of fact a brand new laptop should be able to see a brand new tablet like all other LG products I own.

The tablet is good but 16 gb memory is just terrible,marshmallow allows user to move app and games to the sd card but lg removed that feature on this tablet so I'm just stuck with less than 11gb basic version should be at least 32gb or allow users to choose sd card as internal storage, I'm really disappointed,i hope lg will bring an update to fix that I was getting ready to buy the G Pad F, when this new model “X” just came out – glad I waited.

Most of the cell phones and tables I have had it was easy to move apps from internal to external storage(SD card.) WIth that said this item does NOT fit the bill of easy to use.

Example: what good is having 60G of external space if you either have a hard time moving it or you can not move it whatsoever..

On top of that t LG stacks preloaded apps in the front 8G of space leaving little room to personalize. move the speaker to the front of the unit for better sound quality t #3.

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