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The majority of the middle and working class population lives in blocks of flats.

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Chişinău is very wealthy compared to the rest of the country, as Moldova is not a very rich country.

As is common in developing countries, you are likely to see great disparities in wealth.

It's also very much a post-Soviet city, with both the good and bad qualities associated with it.

By other side you'll see many modern and great buildings of steel, concrete and glass.

In Sep 2013, Wizz Air [11] will commence low-cost flights from Rome and Venice.

From November 2013, Fly Dubai will operate direct flights twice weekly to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

There are three taxi companies which operate at the airport.

Many restaurants and almost all the hotels in the city accept credit cards.

There are hundreds of ATMs throughout the city where you can use your bank cards.

Crime is relatively low although usual precautions apply.

Chişinău International Airport [2] is served by many airlines like Air Baltic [3], Air Moldova [4], Austrian [5], Lufthansa [6], Moldavian Airlines [7], Tarom [8], Turkish Airlines [9] and S7 Aircompany with flights around the Europe and Asia, notably to Athens, Bucharest, Budapest, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Madrid, Moscow, Munich, Riga, Rome, Timisoara, Vienna, Vilnius, Saint Petersburg[10], Varna, Frankfurt, Paris, London, Bolognaand Surgut.


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