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Tiiis meaning has in- tertwined with the body of water, bay, q.v. If something makes your hair stand on end, you abhor it, from L. Both able and habile come from this ; able at first meant easy to handle ; then possess- abject in)?

As the sound of impatience (related to an original ba, the exclamation of surprise) it be- comes the baying of hounds ; thence, their pressing upon their quarry until it is forced to stand at bay. As the gap, the opening, it has come to refer to a space between two columns, and to such recesses as a horse-6(7y (stall), ■i\ck-bay on a ship, and /)(/y-window. Horrible and horrid, at first referring to the victim, have both been transferred to the cause, like the little girl with the. It was sim- ilarly used by Swift, Fielding, and others ; then Queen Anne of England was attended by one Abigail Hill . noun habilitas, from the ad- jective habilis, habile, from the verb habere, habit-, to have, to hold. habiller, to make ready, then to dress, gives us Eng. These transformations — of habit; cus- tom, costume; habiliment — suggest indeed that clothes make the man; the original sense, however, remains in habilitate and rehabilitate. habbcn, haefde; and a place that holds you (safely) is, via OE.

Beaumont and Fletcher, shortly after the King James Version, 1611, of the Bible, used the name for a maid-servant in their play, The Scornful Lady, 1616. thereafter the word could be spelled without the capital A. This word was originally related to one's power to hold on to things ; it is from the L. Many writers in the 16th and 17th c wrote hability, trying to shift from the Fr. spelling ; but by 1700 the form ability had prevailed.

Abigail (Heh., source of joy) was the wife of Nabal (Bible, I Samuel xxv) ; she introduced herself to David and later married him.

abdere, abdif — , to stow away, to hide, from ab, away, -f dare, dat — (see dice), to give, to put.

adipisci, adept — , to attain, from ad, to + op—, get.

This word, indicating what you "hold" something in when you haven't yet re- ceived it, originally pictured the ap- pearance of the expectant one.

abhorrere, to shrink back, from ab, away, + horrere, to stand on end (of hair).

This word for a servant girl grew into common use from several instances.


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