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Gita, smiling warmly, met us at the threshold of his house.

She put us in a room next to his bedroom, goodnight, and turning off the lights, went to her room.

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She, of course, will go under him, belong to him her beautiful body and soul will be with those for whom he put into his body shame.

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Ashes grandmother was collected in a clay urn, which tomorrow will be lowered into the river.

Women are not allowed to be present at the same time, and they could easily have breakfast in the morning and take a break from a hard night But my mother had a headache, and she was allowed to go to sleep in the house of a neighbor.

Let me go with her, so at night we did not have a lot of work.

There already have been enough women better than my mother and disassemble in such cases.

Nadia sat on a shelf, legs crossed, and continued to read the book.

Yes, I wish I would get rid of his pants, just did not know how to react to this girl.

Sleep did not seem like too and I began to read a magazine.

Naturally my eyes are tired and I immediately turning off the lights and lay down.


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