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Seems pretty clear this was set up by scammers for scammers. You might find the occasional real person I suspect, but there is no feeling of trust or safety here. Below is a response I replied with recently and never received a word.

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also i could not delete that particular message from my profile inbox. Mingle it self is a SCAM I tthink the operaters them self are the scammers.

to explore the idea of scammers on MINGLE2 i went back to the search engine and found the 'scammer' site associated with MINGLE2, they are one and the after reading some of the posted threads on their forum i noticed that it's the same few members in southern USA that try their best to answer all post's and reply with a load of convincing hogwash. Scam after scam I posted on the forum topic to let people be careful not to fall in love with a picture!! First contact will often state they are in Africa, have lost both parents in a car crash.

They deleted the comment and Iaasked why they said it actually makes it worse what da *** !!?? These people are so pathetic and I really resent the time I wasted there.

Free it may be, but a complete waste of time, 97% scammers, trolls 'community,' *** moderators who will shut you down if you mention scamming. Yeah, you are right, I also am seeing this site as one filled with bulldust in order to entice many into the ole' upgrade routine.

i've tried many online dating sites and have found many repeated scams.i recently signed up wth MINGLE2 and noticed quickly that all my computer matched partners were either deleted or had not been on the site for over 1 month.

then i recieved a nudge, and then a message from a local.this local had not previously shown up in my many searches. within 5 hours of his initial contact his profile was deleted.then i recieved a "someone viewed your profile" message, at which point i was made aware that i have to pay and upgrade to find out who this mystery viewer is.Despite all of this, I managed to meet real women from mingle2, simply by asking for e-mail addresses as soon as possible from women not too far away from my location.The idea is to use mingle2 only to get acquainted, and then to get out of it as quickly as possible.As soon as you have someone's e-mail address, you can ask for a neutral meeting at a convenient place for both of you. I believe they try to hook you into a membership thinking everyone is desperate .


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