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With his landslide victory in the state, Cruz scoops up all of Utah’s delegates.

Because of this, there is a incentive for voter fraud in Utah.

In the past month, the GOP establishment has openly stated that they are trying to force a brokered convention by denying Donald Trump the majority of delegates he needs to clinch the nomination.

Cruz’s support has been limited to Christian conservatives, and even in his home state of Texas, he only got 43 percent of the vote.

What explains his 50+ point margin of victory in Utah? Much in the same way that Microsoft may have rigged the Iowa caucus to benefit the dearly departed Marco Rubio, a George Soros-owned firm may have cooked the books for Ted Cruz in Utah.

With the continued success of Trump’s nationalist campaign, power brokers on both the left and right have pulled out all the stops to shut him down.

While polls consistently showed Trump lagging behind Cruz in Utah, they also consistently showed Cruz failing to break the 50 percent margin, let alone approaching the 69 percent of the vote he actually got. it awards all of its delegates to whoever wins the popular vote) if one of the candidates gets at least 50 percent: below that margin, losing candidates are awarded some delegates.

With yet another primary day out of the way, Donald Trump has taken another big step towards the Oval Office.

Both parties held primary elections in Arizona and Utah this week, with the Democrats holding an additional caucus in Idaho (the Republican primary in that state was held two weeks ago).

Trump cruised to victory in Arizona, but he suffered a larger-than-expected defeat in Utah, with winner Ted Cruz netting 69 percent of votes and the Donald languishing in third behind John Kasich.

While it was a foregone conclusion that Trump would lose Utah—his outspoken personality and supermodel wife being an affront to the tweedy, porn-addicted Mormons who inhabit the state—Cruz’s landslide win defies both polling and common sense.


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