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Class methods are different than C++ or Java static methods. If a class method is called for a derived class, the derived class object is passed as the implied first argument.

The file is parsed and evaluated as a sequence of Python statements (similarly to a module) using the .

If the argument is a string, it must contain a possibly signed decimal or floating point number, possibly embedded in whitespace. Otherwise, the argument may be a plain or long integer or a floating point number, and a floating point number with the same value (within Python’s floating point precision) is returned.

If no argument is given, returns Note When passing in a string, values for Na N and Infinity may be returned, depending on the underlying C library.

Take two (non complex) numbers as arguments and return a pair of numbers consisting of their quotient and remainder when using long division.

With mixed operand types, the rules for binary arithmetic operators apply.

For plain and long integers, the result is the same as statement in that it does not use the module administration — it reads the file unconditionally and does not create a new module.

[1] The arguments are a file name and two optional dictionaries.

The bitfield required to specify a given feature can be found as the *1j or convert a string or number to a complex number.

If the first parameter is a string, it will be interpreted as a complex number and the function must be called without a second parameter. Each argument may be any numeric type (including complex).

If is supplied primarily as a convenience for use at an interactive prompt, it tries to supply an interesting set of names more than it tries to supply a rigorously or consistently defined set of names, and its detailed behavior may change across releases.

For example, metaclass attributes are not in the result list when the argument is a class.


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