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The card is then quickly placed in front of the player's pile.

Thus players form discard piles in front of their piles of cards as the game progresses.

When a player plays a card that matches the symbol of another player's top card, the two players must duel to grab the totem in the center as quickly as possible.

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The game revolves around matching cards with identical symbols, and it has some similarities to the game Snap.

The similarities between some of the symbols, as well as some of the extra rules, make the game rather challenging.

Cards are shuffled and dealt to each player face down, ensuring that all players have an equal number of cards in their stacks.

A wooden cylinder called a Totem is placed in the center of the table, equidistant from all players.

Any remaining cards that cannot be distributed equitably are placed under the totem in an area known as the Pot.

Players take turns playing the top card from their stacks in a clockwise rotation.

Each player does this by flipping their card over in the direction of their opponents, so that their opponents get the first glance at their card to avoid unfair advantage.

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Jungle Speed is a card game created by Thomas Vuarchex and Pierric Yakovenko in 1991.

First self-published and now published by Asmodee Editions, it is played with non-standard playing cards.

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