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However, the ship's armor actually corresponded to that of a light cruiser.

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The USS Pensacola's first assignment in WWII was to join Task Force 11, which was centered around the USS Lexington (CV-2).

She was to screen for the carrier during an offensive patrol in Coral Sea until Task Force 17, centered around USS Yorktown (CV-5), joined them on March 6, 1942.

Then, after the combined fleet launched a surprise attack on the Japanese at Salamaua and Lae, March 10, the USS Pensacola was reassigned to TF 17 and continue patrols before returning to Pearl Harbor in April 21, 1942.

Stock, the Pensacola will literally be very agonizing and the moniker "Penance-cola" will be applicable for the first few runs such as very long turret traverse for and the range that's practically several meters short of her predecessor's effective range you will have on her until you get sufficient upgrades to soup her up because when she is fully upgraded, she's one stalwart cruiser that will be in-line with her counterpart and other tier 7 colleagues as well as a ship that can align her turrets as fast as possible.

Her AA suite makes her perfect for anti-air screens and with her guns to a capacity, cruiser and destroyer screening as well due to the surprisingly fast shell velocity she gets over her predecessor.

However, people often use the term "Rest in Pensacola" because of the notion that the Cleveland is better than the Pensacola and of the sudden change that is brought in the strategies of how to play this ship.

If you wish to further enhance the Pensacola, it is suggested that your commander must reach the concealment expert skill as well as having the BFT and AFT skills to further improve the AA suite to very high levels while kitting the cruiser with main battery survivability, AA gun range increase, damage control 1 and rudder shift along with paint that has both detection decrease and enemy dispersion increase parameters It is highly suggested that you acquire range as the AA suite on the stock hull is decent combined with defensive AA fire, then acquire hull B and then the upgraded turret so that your guns can rotate faster The USS Pensacola (CA-24), originally CL-24, was the lead ship of two 9100-ton Pensacola-class cruisers.

Commissioned in February 1930, she had her first shakedown cruise from Peru to Chile from March to June 1930.

She was first sent on an escort mission for a convoy from Pearl Harbor to Manila.

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