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In 1683, hundreds of Moravian Jewish fled to Slovakia seeking refuge from the Kurucz riots and the living restrictions of Moravia.

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The majority of Jews engaged in commerce and money lending.

Two notorious blood libels occurred in Slovakia; in 1494, Jews were burned at the stake in Trnava, and in 1529, in Pezinok 30 Jews were accused of wrongdoings and burnt at the stake.

After the battle of Mohács in 1526, Jews were expelled from all major towns in Slovakia.

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For distances to cities around the world, enter a ICAO location code from the selector below.Learn More - Cities of Slovakia: Alistál | Banska Bystrica | Bardejov | Bratislava | Dolni Kubin | Dunajska Streda | Galanta | Hlohovec | Humenne | Huncovce | Michalovce | Nitra | Nove Mesto Nad Vahom | Nove Zamky | Pezinok | Trencin Jews have lived in the Slovakian region since the 11th century.During the late 17th century and early 18th century, Jews began to return to their original cities in Slovakia, and establish well defined communities.Nevertheless, Jews were in constant conflict with locals and barred from many trading industries.The first Jewish cemetery in Slovakia was set aside in the early 15th century in Tisinec (the cemetery was utilized until 1892).Under the rule of Joseph II, Jews received many civil liberties and much of their livelihoods were expanded in aptitude.


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