Polite online dating

However, do not send pushy messages asking why they have not replied as this can come off as pushy or desperate.Finally, ensure safety for both you and your date when you decide to meet in real life.

Just like real life dating, it is important to be polite and courteous when using these online services, but there are also some unspoken rules about online dating that are important to know about.

These are some tips for being polite and following proper etiquette when dating online.

Firstly, you should avoid using profanity in excess when you set up your profile and send messages.

Try to make references to profile information as you send messages back and forth.

Even adding a single piece of information such as a shared hobby can make a big difference.

Don’t be offended if someone you have contacted does not respond.

In the world of online dating, people may receive dozens of messages on a regular basis and may simply not have the time to respond.

While many people who use profanity online do not have bad intentions, it can be repulsive for certain types of potential partners.

Another rule is that either gender is free to initiate contact.

While tradition dictates that males will usually be the first to spark a conversation, in online dating, it is an even playing field.

As well, it is considered acceptable to be contacting more than one person at once when using these websites.

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